The Weight of Dreams [New Poem]

How much do dreams weigh?
Desires of the heart
Ambitions of youth
Fixations of attention

And how much when they die?
Shards of imagination
Fragments of hope
Dust of intention

How heavy they are!
Lifeless loads
Burdens of brokenness
Jars of salt water

We thirst

But what’s the cost?
To lay them down
To account the loss
To grieve what’s gone

Drink deeply

A draught of new dreams
Not from a native stream
But flowing from a vernal source
The One among you still

Collapse lays the ground
Tilled and turned over
Opened and freed
To drink and dream again

This poem was written after meditating on Exodus 17:1-7, Psalm 42, and John 4:1-42. Again, much thanks to the folks at Every Moment Holy and the reading and reflection prompts in their 2023 Lenten Journal.

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