Deep Down Good Things [New Poem]

There is a sorrow
That seems endless
Like a rope
Pulled and pulled

There is a darkness
That stretches out and on
Like a cave
Deeper and deeper

There are foes
That hate and plot
Like wolves
Pursuing, pursuing

There are gods
That promise and shame
Like a warden
Beating on, beating down

How long?

Could sorrow
End and resolve
Like a melody
Perfectly composed?

Could darkness
Sharpen and contrast
Like a portrait
Where light is spilled?

Could foes
Fall to knees
Like one undone
By mercy and grace?

Could gods
Be driven out
Like exposed hucksters
Husk traded for the real, free?

The deep down good things
Will never die
You are loved, still

This poem was written after meditating on Isaiah 42, Psalm 13, Psalm 36, John 9:1-38, and 1 John 1. Again, much thanks to the folks at Every Moment Holy and the reading and reflection prompts in their 2023 Lenten Journal.

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