Sermon: “Known by Jesus”

This past weekend I had the opportunity to serve as the speaker and preacher for Disciple Now (DNOW) weekend at First Presbyterian Church — Rome, GA (EPC). DNOW’s are evangelistically-oriented youth conferences, where students are encouraged to invite their unbelieving and unchurched friends. It was encouraging to see how not only the youth group at FPC Rome got into this, but also to see the entire church body and community invested and supportive across the generations.

The theme of the weekend was “Known” and the doctrine of election (the teaching that God plans and accomplishes our salvation) through several sessions, which culminated in the Sunday morning sermon on John 10:22-30. It was an honor and privilege to share God’s Word with this vibrant church and community!

Click the link below to watch and listen to the sermon!

“Known by Jesus” | John 10:22-30 | 2/27/22

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